sound & art by J.G.W

Great Blood Free Download




My “Great Blood” album was released on Hwem in december as a limited cd-r, and the copies are slowly

running out.


“Tsukimono is swedish guitar maestro Johan Gustavsson. Gustavsson has released about twenty records since 2002, that range from abstract glitch-pop to dark dronemetal. But with this new album for HWEM he presents one of his harshest, most uncompromising works to date. GREAT BLOOD is a journey full of feedback, distorted sine waves, and maximum frequency guitar workouts. Still, it is a beautiful piece of music, with Gustavssons brilliant sense of atmosphere and melody shining through the hard surface.”

Personally I’d say “Great Blood” is a nice mix between the pop-side and the fuck shit up-side of my music. Acoustic guitar-pop like tracks parallel the high-freq noise-drone-bliss that dominates my “Gutted String” release on Psychic Malmö. 

Head on over to Hwem to order yourself a nice physical version of the album or go here to download it for free.

peace. j


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