sound & art by J.G.W

Time Canvas 2×12″ Vinyl


Long anticipated vinyl version of Tsukimonos grandiose Time Canvas, originally released as a limited CDR on Kning Disk spring 2007. A true gem when it comes to drone-based music, this recording still stands out as Tsukimonos finest moment. Each track is based on a sample on one specific instrument. Slow and quiet and big and brutal at the same time. Incredible beauty indeed. The deluxe 2xLP version also comes with a side-long bonus track recorded in 2008. Letterpressed silver ink on black cardboard sleeves. Liner notes by Matthias Andersson (RTB Records), PM Jönsson (Sound Of Music/Sonic), Gustav Rosengren (Kalligrammofon) and musician Viktor Sjöberg. Also comes with a coupon for a digial download of the album, which also includes The Lesson, a second bonus track. Limited to 525 copies. 

Tracks: 1. Blown Away, 2. Train Home, Home, 3. Cello, 4. Growing Like A Cancer Within, 5. When I Vibrate It Hard, 6. Tiresome Tireless. 

“Time Canvas was a big step in my development as a (solo-)musician. Up until this recording, my music as Tsukimono had been steeped in vst-effects & plugins, and I was quickly tiring of it. I decided to strip my computer of almost everything except a simple sampling/sequencing program and started working on a few new pieces where I zoomed in on a single instrument/soundsource to see what I could get out of it using only raw, untreated samples (save some pitchshifting). 

During this time I was spending up to 2 hours or more each day commuting between home & school and the breathers I got while on the trains proved a perfect time to work on this new music. To shut out all the everyday noise and stress and to focus solely on these samples/pieces made me feel calm and soothed. 


Thanks to the people who’s ‘playing’ on the album: Emelie Molin, Kristofer Ström and Erik Levander. Thanks for lending your breath and time.” – Johan Gustavsson/Tsukimono

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