sound & art by J.G.W

September 2009


Just got back home from a 4-day tour in Japan with my band Scraps of Tape. It was our 2nd time there and it was twice as much fun as last time.
Instead of just gawking at everything in stunned amazement I could finally enjoy it and feel a bit at ease. Also for some reason I could handle the
japanese cuisine a lot better than last time, even though I’m still not completely in love with it.

Anyhow, I had a great great time and I want to send some thanks to everyone who was with me on the trip and who came out to the shows. THANK YOU!

I also thought this might be a nice time to re-post this:

Tsukimono – Van Venue Hotel (download link here)


This is a mp3-ep/tour-diary that I recorded during the last tour. I used the endless hours of waiting in the van, at the venue and (yes, you guessed it) at the hotels to write a patch in reaktor 5 and to mix some field-recordings with some sounds from that patch into a few tracks
of tour-impressions/sound-snaps/memories. All in all I think I ended up with about  thirteen tracks and the four that ended up on the release were the ones that felt most like the state of mind I was in at the time. Somewhat disoriented, dazed, pleased and happy.

It’s a free download so go ahead, get it and hear what a Japan-tour sounds like to me.

We have a European-tour coming up in about a month and these are the dates:

24 Oct 2009 DE – Halle, Reil 78
25 Oct 2009 DE – Frankfurt, Ponyhof
26 Oct 2009 DE – Jena, TBA
27 Oct 2009 AT – Vienna, Arena
28 Oct 2009 TBA
29 Oct 2009 CH – St. Gallen, Grabenhalle
30 Oct 2009 DE – Münster, Amp
31 Oct 2009 DE – Berlin, Dot Club
01 Nov 2009 DE – Hamburg, Astra Stube

There are big things happening within scraps at the time and we are really looking forward to this, and it will be very special for us so please if
you are into our music do come out and help us celebrate what will be a very special tour for us. It will be awesome, I promise!

Other than this I’m also still working with Dag Rosenqvist (Jasper TX) on the debut-album for our band (at the moment we’re calling it “The Silence Set”) and this is a really rewarding thing. We’ve had a break now because of tours and other stuff but the plan is to get back on it next week and try to finish it all up asap.

The split with Dwayne Sodahberk is really close to completion now. We’re working on the packaging and design and this will really be a super-release. D’s tracks on this split is as I said before, fantastic. He is one of my personal favorites in the swedish music-scene today and I’m super-excited about this.

The latest thing tho is a collaboration with the amazing Berlin-based genius of  Nils Frahm.
About 6 years ago (it might be even longer) I recorded a piece of music entitled “Heart & Strings (For Ingar Gustavsson)” which is a string-based composition. Violin, Viola and Cello-samples were used to create an approximately one hour long piece in three parts. It could be called the older sibling of my “Time Canvas”-release, almost a research-project in a way. Anyway, I did a release of 10 copies which were a cd’r stuck to the back of a small oil-painting (all ten were handmade and exclusive) which I gave away/sold off immediately. I don’t even have  a copy myself anymore. A short while after this I had a hard-drive meltdown and thought I lost the original recordings and not too long after that I had sort of a personal meltdown which ended with me deleting maybe 75% of all the music I’d made up to that point…I lost a lot of music and I still regret it. Maybe it was for the best tho, who knows?
I’ve been thinking I’d lost the tracks up until about 6 months ago when I found them again and played the piece this summer to Nils when he visited me together with the lovely Peter Broderick. We got to talking about it and we decided that Nils was gonna record some piano over it.
Work is now well underway and the results I’ve heard so far are absolutely stunning.

Well, that is it at the moment I guess. Probably forgot loads.

Shapes – whatever I can get my hands on
dirty three – horse stories
john fahey – the transfiguration of blind joe death
heather woods broderick – from the ground
lewd acts – black eye blues
converge – axe to fall

Ashley Kahn – A Love Supreme
Ronny Olovsson – Värsta Pappan!
Johan Nilsson – Koka Makaroner

Take Care And Be Well.


2 responses

  1. Wow, a reworked edition of Heart&Strings in the making!? And with Nils Frahm! As one of the few lucky owners of the original edition I get all excited about such lovely news as it is one your releases that I probably have returned to the most times. This is a piece of somnabulist ambience that have begged for a reissue for years!

    Ser fram emot din Sthlmsvisit i helgen! Var har du förresten din utställning?

    November 12, 2009 at 9:46 pm

    • timecanvas

      Hej Johan!

      grymt att höra av dig, allt väl?

      Utställningen är i samma hus som själva festivalen om jag förstått det hela rätt.


      November 13, 2009 at 8:24 am

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