sound & art by J.G.W

Thee Gutted String


I will be doing my first live-performance under the alias Thee Gutted String next wednesday here in Gothenburg,
at Annedalskyrkan. The arrangement is a mini-festival with the objective to raise money for the homeless of Gbg.

I haven’t found any info on it (as my internet is down most of the time nowadays) but will post if I do. Other bands
performing is (the ones I remember right now) : Indiekören, Anna Von Hausswolff and Medalist. There is more tho…

D.I.Y market and other stuff from 18:00 and onwards, the shows start at 20:30. 60 SEK or more in entrance (depends on how cheap you are).

I’ve put together a band for the occasion which consists of some real good people. Anna and Rebecka of Audrey-fame and Sweden’s own Jim White, Per Tannergård. We rehearsed for the first time tonight and will have 2 more chances, I think it’ll turn out great great great.

Also drawing a lot and spending tons of time talking to my unborn…and writing some too. Feels good to write again.

much love, j.g.w.


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