sound & art by J.G.W



(me + the love, new years eve 2009-2010)

3 days of the flu and slowly getting better. Decided to go to work

today after one day of not being able to even stand up, and one day of doing much too much work here at home to overcome the fever when I probably should’ve been resting.

Been working a alot with Eight Arms lately, playing live and preparing for the upcoming album-recording which is scheduled to begin next week. We have two tracks up on our myspace from the pre-production recordings, listen here.
We have a show this saturday and also the next, both here in Gothenburg. I’m not that comfortable with traveling to far now that we’re eight months gone, me and Sara, so we’re taking our chances to play live now before my life gets turned upside-down.

The rest of the time I spend drawing or lately, fixing up our home for the baby, listening to a lot of black metal and smoking my pipe (seems people have big problems with realizing that you actually can smoke a pipe without it being drugs in it).

hear hear:

LIK – Besvärtade Strofer
Darkthrone – Hate Them
Daniel A.I.U Higgs – Mirror Of The Apocalypse & Other Songs
Meleeh – To Live And Die Alone
Trash Talk – Walking Disease
Nifelheim – Envoy Of Lucifer


peace be upon thee, as a wise man once said.



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