sound & art by J.G.W

…lou dax R.I.P

Damn…LEWD ACTS who released what has come to be my favorite album of 2009, has called it quits.
At least I got the chance to see them play and that was awesome. Hoping for new projects and more fantastic music.

If you haven’t heard it, check out their deathwish-release “Black Eye Blues” which is one of my favorite hardcore/punk-releases ever.
Great songs, lyrics and arrangements…heavy as fuck but still really good and interesting harmonies and  eh…soundscapes. Do yourself a favor and get it.

Statement from the band:

Lou Dax succumbed on June 20th, 2010 to the coma brought on by a head wound sustained in New York City on May 6th. Lou is survived by his 4 sons. In lieu of flowers, pick up a Lou Dax memorial shirt or record at or to help his legacy live on. Thank you to everyone who ever listened, saw, helped, or cared about Lou.
“I will die with the stereo on, wondering why I ever wrote this fucking song that never got me anywhere…I have nowhere to go.” -Louis Dax


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