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So, last couple of months has been really busy with various things, mostly playing/writing music and being a dad.
I’m on 50% paternity  leave at the moment, so almost no time wasted at work anymore…feels great!

Went to Skåne for some Scraps Of Tape action last weekend, got up at 6 on saturday-morning and went to my studio to pick up my gear and make it to Malmö in time for our 10:00 rehearsal. The roads were awful 50% of the time, with cars skidding of the road right in front of my eyes. I didn’t dare stopping myself in case I would get stuck myself. Got a lot of work done, wrote some loose arrangements for 3 songs and had some awesome hang-out time. Met up with Ola and Victoria from Tenderversion and talked about the plans for the new album, tour-ideas and everything else. There’s gonna be some sweet stuff happening in 2011!

The new album is slowly taking shape and there’s a lot of nice new things happening in our music. It’s probably not that
different from what we’ve done before, more of the same and more new stuff, trying to push it like always.

I’ve met some people that have told me that they really liked the vocals on the last record and that’s nice to hear, but everyone seems really bummed when I tell them there probably won’t be that much vocals on the new one, at least there’s not that much yet.
Vocals have always been seen as more of a instrument/sound than actual vocals in scraps of tape. We’ve put it in songs whenever we’ve felt like there was something missing, or if we wanted to evoke a certain mood or feeling. It has always been
a thing for us to try to take the focus away from the traditional idea of how most people listen to songs/music with vocals, removing the spotlight and importance away from the singing and on to the music as a whole.

When we wrote “Grand Letdown” we tried to push the sound of SoT by moving it more towards traditional songwriting, more verse-chorus-verse based arrangements and more vocals, but still not losing the idea of the collective sound where nothing is more important than anything else. Hippy’ish but the way we’ve always done it.
Now we think we managed that pretty well, and of course more people found it easier to listen to us than before but now we’re on to something else. Vocals will still play a part of our sound but I hope we’ve come up with a few ideas that will keep it fresh and non-stagnant.

Recordings will begin in feb 2011 in Gothenburg at Welfare Studios. Wish us luck.

I’ve also been pretty busy doing some stuff for Crowned With Horns, a new project featuring new and old collaborators. It’s slowly slowly coming together and I think sometime during the early part of next year there will be something presented. I’m way excited about this!!

Snow and ice is covering this part of the world and it makes everyday a living hell, just taking my son for a walk is such a hassle that I can hardly be bothered, so we spend most of the time inside listening to music, singing and acting like idiots around our home. Eli is beating our piano into dust every day, and is climbing all the bookshelves and anything else that provides enough of a handhold. It’s pretty nerve-wrecking in a way, but most of all I’m proud the see the little hell-spawn tearing it up already!

We’ve been listening a lot to VED, Trap Them, Chet Baker, Earth, various childrens-music albums on spotify and some radio the last couple of days but geez, the radio these days (at least P3) is just horrible. Bla bla bla about mostly totally irrelevant issues and program-hosts being total self-indulgent assholes most of the time. Thanks but no thanks. P1 works most of the time, and I haven’t checked out P2 to much yet.

I’m awful at making lists of my favourite music and stuff every year, because I tend to forget completely which year I discover stuff, and/or listen a lot to them but here’s a few things I’ve been really giving a lot of time this year, music-wise:

Abandon – The Dead End
Swans – My Father Will Guide Me Up A Rope In The Sky
Converge – Axe To Fall
John Lurie – Stranger Than Paradise & The Resurrection Of Albert Ayler
The Bear Quartet – Monty Python
Baroness – Two First EP’s
Trap Them – Seizures In Barren Praise
Early Graves – Goner
Lewd Acts – Black Eye Blues
The Microphones – Mount Eerie
Kvelertak – Kvelertak
Meleeh – To Live And Die Alone
Simeon Ten Holt – Complete Works For Multiple Pianos

Tonight we’re gonna make christmas-treats and hang out with a friend!


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  1. Jag har också lyssnat mkt på John Lurie på sistone, skön snubbe! Tror dock inte jag hört hans Ayler-skiva…

    God jul!

    December 23, 2010 at 10:33 pm

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