sound & art by J.G.W


Been feeling pretty sick the last couple of days, trying to keep up with Eli but hell no, he’s not even
walking by himself yet but already he outruns me somehow.

2010 was amazing, especially becoming a dad of course, and I tried to make as much of both fatherhood
and making music/art as I could. I got to tour with the amazing Peter Broderick, and I got to experience
some awesome time in the practice-room with Scraps Of Tape, wrinting our new material and touring with
our new member Fredrik and playing parts of the new stuff for our fans who really seemed to like it. We’re going
into the studio on February 18th and we’re super-stoked.

We’re almost done with the first The Silence Set album, and it’s becoming a completely different beast than I
ever thought when me and Dag first started talking about collaborating on something. We were both at a point
where we wanted to try some new stuff and we’ve been working really well together. Dag is a true genious in the
studio and that works really well with me, who can’t stay on one idea or instrument for more than maybe 5 minutes
at a time before I get bored (that’s why 90% of all tsuki-material is improvised straight-to-stereo recordings).
The last thing that happened on this project is that the wonderful Heather Woods Broderick sent us the track we’re collaborating with her on and it is just BEAUTIFUL! I’m in awe…

We also got Crowned With Horns going. An idea that has been in the back of my  mind for more than 4 years finally started to pour out of me, in small doses I confess but still. 2011 will be the year we get going for real I hope.

Eight Arms played a bunch of shows around Sweden, it was all good, especially the show with Carpathian, Ruiner and No Omega at fängelset here in Gothenburg. Great people all around and Ruiners last tour, so we were honored to see them before the end and get to play. We struggled with completing an album, which we recorded ourselves when we had time. Personally I helped track the drums for like 2 weeks, recorded my guitars, re-recorded them and then lost interest when things ground to a complete stop during the early fall for some reason. Much frustration and irritation ensued and
now we have a gig on february 3rd opening for the amazing KVELERTAK here in Gothenburg, and who knows what will happen.

I’ve also been recording solo-material during the year, and if I would’ve kept it all I probably could’ve released at least 3 albums or more but something felt off and I’ve been deleting most of it, only keeping a few tracks who sound less like what I’ve done before. Most of the material was ok but I’ve done it before, and the last thing I want to release is another “Heart Attack Money” or “Née”. Those records are done and out there, who needs one more? So I’ve been trying new ways, approaches and sounds for most of the year, and since I don’t have my studio at home anymore, there has been less spontaneous recordings and stuff like that than before. The results have been up and down and it’s been taking a lot of time. We’ll see what happens here…

I’m forgetting stuff here but that’s a small recap on the last day of the year.


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