sound & art by J.G.W


Last day in our old apartment, the place is a landscape of boxes and stuff I thought I’d
lost years ago!

Finding my skateboard in the closet made me think of this awesome video:

Mark Gonzales, true fucking renegade genius legend. If not for this and being the most stylish skater ever, then for his appearance in Gummo.

This part is probably my favorite ever. The flow, the tricks and the music. Great great awesomeness…
Directed by Spike Jonze back in ’91 for Blind, “Video Days” is one of the best skate-videos there has been
in my opinion. I tend to go back to older stuff rather than the newer things out there, since the tricks and
everything just seemed to have a nicer flow and  style to it than todays videos. I’m not a huge skate-video
fan so I must confess that I haven’t seen to many new one but still…

Jason Lee’s (of My name is Earl fame) part in “Video Days” is rumored to be one of the things that launched his acting career with Kevin Smith putting him in “Mallrats” after seeing “Video Days”



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