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Heart Attack Money review

Wow, this review really made my day. I’m so immensely thankful that you are listening.

Tsukimono – Heart Attack Money (2009)


1. Oh Cannibal

2. Gloomy Sunday 

3. I’ve Got To Go

4. I Am Going

5. Get Gone

6. My Heart Has An Ache, It’s Heavy As A Stone

7. Soymilk Turns To Blood

8. Hands Over A Key

Tsukimono is the ambient project of Swede Johan Gustavsson. With a sound lazy and countless mesmerizing melodies argues that some try to arouse our existential angst. With a piano and guitar by adding a collage of samples, noises and sounds in addition to some occasional white noise walls weaves a song as beautiful as distressing. This was presented as a talented musician who knows exactly what mix they offer all kinds of melodies and textures.

Oh Cannibal Start with a simple piano melody as qualified by the effects of falling water brings us to the perfect mental state for this record, we evades reality and plunges us into a world of tenderness and sadness. Something perfect for when you get your version of the Hungarian suicide song, Gloomy Sunday. With a calm guitar and a wall of white noise light background weaves a melody in which the voice sounds landed what looks like wood warping. The voice and lyrics, heartbreaking contrast with the melody, melancholy, making a perfect whole incitement to suicide had never been so beautiful. In I’ve Got To Go back to the simple melodies with some touches that are defining the noisy song. I Am Going On but landed in a pure noise that pinpoints with great pause and harmony in our eyes for the final saturated in a wall of white noise and all of which will go to less and go out. Get Gone On return to the evocative piano melodies and turn around of applause samplers that simulate rain falling. At least until they reach the few voice notes, and the wall of white noise, this brutal storm, takes over the song while the piano struggle to overcome it. In My Heart Has An Ache, It’s Heavy As A Stone found a nice little piece that is reminiscent of the calmer moments of Boris.Thing that is finished on the immensely sad and simple Blood Turns To Soymilk.To finish Hands Over A Key takes us into a wall of white noise very aggressive already, anymore, can escape.

This album is sublime, beautiful and very well done. Despite its brevity it shows the care and the care that has gone into each and every one of the songs. Thus form a perfect ensemble where not even need to spare a single second where each and every one of the songs feed off the rest. A mammoth song to the human suffering that would delight the Cioran Kierkegaard and more depressed. An absolutely colossal album that I personally am not able to stop listening.

Come and see, please.

found here.

(btw it’s a google-translation so that’s why the grammar is completely weird at times.)



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