sound & art by J.G.W

London, St. Giles In The Fields

It was of some surprise then that the first act, Tsukimono, didn’t so much as warm up the venue but effectively set it alight. The peaceful serenity of the church was immediately distorted by an overpowering wave of electronic noise. As some of the crowd adjusted to this contrast by plugging their ears, others looked at their partners uncertain as to what to expect from this opening performance. The unrelenting noise continued to build before a slow light pierced through the fuzz to provide some melodic respite. Once this powerful introduction reached its conclusion, Tsukimono left his analogue dials to step to the front of the stage complete with acoustic guitar in hand. In what was a surprising breakaway from the first track, he was joined by Peter Broderick who gave the audience a teaser of what was to follow by accompanying him for two songs on piano. Essentially a more traditional singer songwriter fare, the church reverted to its more familiar grace of tranquillity before the set was brought to a close in symmetrical fashion thanks to an uncompromising and impenetrable sound fusion which left the venue vibrating from the reverberations.

Here is the review in it’s entirety.

It was a really special evening. Big personal thanks and Hello
to Stefan and Bill. Very nice meeting you guys!


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