sound & art by J.G.W

Kanshin, 8″ Lathe Cut, Scraps…

I totally forgot to post about this when it was released but here goes:

Me and Dag Rosenqvist (Jasper TX) make music as THE SILENCE SET and we
contributed our track “So Will Everything We Love” to this fantastic compilation
which was put together to raise money for the current recovery work being done in Japan
following the earthquake of March this year.

Please have a look and help out.

More info:

Me and Dag are currently finishing up a fullength which I’m super proud of.
We’re working slowly and patiently and it will hopefully be finished and released within this or the next year.
If you for some unfathomable reason aren’t familiar with Dags amazing music yet, you NEED to check him out.

Other news is:
We’re mastering the new Scraps Of Tape album which will be released this fall
through Tenderversion.
We’ve done some awesome collaborations on this album and
I’m way excited to see what the future will bring.
Live shows, touring and whatnot starts in August!

The simply amazing Brian Records will be releasing a 8″ lathe cut by me
and this is going to be such a sweet thing!

From Brian Records:

Brian records is proud to announce our first fully interactive release. Johan G Winther is releasing a beautiful EP with 4 original tracks, backed by remixes/reinterpretations by Machinefabriek and Clem Leek.
Limited to just 50 copies we are asking you to design the artwork.

Inspired by a book called homemade record sleeves
the intention is that you buy the release and are sent the MP3s.
Whilst the lathe cut records are being cut you listen to the music and design your own sleeve (folded A3 in the Brian Records house stylee) you then send in your sleeve and when the records come back you will be sent the finished release in someone else’s sleeve.
Plus a book with all 50 sleeves. Plus a CD with all the tracks plus the best of your own revisions of the originals. I am pretty hyped about this one.

If you are to you can bagsy a space on the list (no strings attached) by emailing “I’m in” to jimlad at brianrecords dot co dot uk.

I am so proud of and excited about this release that I can hardly contain myself!
More info as this unfolds.

Hmmm, there’s some more stuff brewing, a piece of music I recorded in like…2003-2004 something will finally see the light of day on one of the coolest labels around.
But this isn’t official yet so hush hush.

A lot of collabs being completed right now too, stuff that has somewhere to go and stuff waiting to find a home. My days do not have near enough hours in them for me to find the time to do what I want. Fuck it, sleep when you’re dead right?



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