sound & art by J.G.W

summer sadness

Summer is here, it’s unbearably muggy sometimes but all in all, it’s great.

Three new albums in the works, (TDA/CG/UA) hopefully they will all be released during 2012 (but most likely there will be delays etc…) on various labels.

We finally finished our The Silence Set-album (the recordings that is) and
I am really stoked on this. Personally there are parts of the album where I really
feel we´re really pushing personal boundaries and trying new stuff for us, and just
letting the music be what it is and becomes naturally. Can’t wait for it to be released
and “out there” for everyone to criticize,  enjoy, love, hate.

Been going through old cd-r’s, hard-drives etc and what-not and I’m finding
old recordings I thought lost since long, photos and all kinds of embarassing crap,
but also great stuff from not too long ago. Found these photos sent to me from my
dear friends in the band Shapes, with whom we toured Japan in 2009.


More news soon. peace.


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