sound & art by J.G.W

summmer seemms tooo shoooortt…



i play in this band scraps of tape. we’re getting ready to release our new album “Resident Flux”
in late october. check out the first single from the record here. It’s called “Flera Meter Kort” and one
of my all-time favorite vocalists and lyricists Mattias Alkberg is singing on it. it’s kind of a big deal.

i’m thrashing my way through the “holy ghost” box-set of albert ayler. it’s pretty awesome and
my guitar-playing seems to be morphing into a poorly disguised attempt at sounding ever so slightly
as inspired as aylers playing. i wish…

tomorrow afternoon i’ll sit my scrawny ass down on a train-seat and travel to the “big” city away from
this paradise-on-earth and spend a few days rehearsing and re-learning all the horrible riffs and in-out-melodies
from above mentioned album to see if I can play them somewhat ok in front of some people at the lovely Äspö-festivalen
in Trelleborg on saturday. It’ll be awesome. come say hello. there’s so many good bands playing i’m not even gonna get drunk.

read or dead:
curses, hexes, re-interpretations, hexagonisms, diagrams, recipes  .


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