sound & art by J.G.W

Back home from Holland + Blessings live

(my slaap zacht setup in Utrecht last saturday, opposite Rutger’s)

Back home after a truly amazing weekend in Utrecht, Holland. Two nights (the actual slaap zacht event was three) of great shows
and great great people. Highlights (hard to pick favorites from so many great things) including sets by Machinefabriek, Eli Kezler and The Puddle Parade, meeting Rutger Zuydervelt(Machinefabriek), Simon Scott and Gibson Houwer for the first time.

But the absolute best thing was just being back in Utrecht again, at Hostel Strowis. About 7 or 8 years ago I played one of my first solo-liveshows
at Theater Kikker together with Wim Maesschalck(Wixel), Axel Willner (Courdouan, The Field) and Benny Braaten(Origami Galaktika) and we stayed at Strowis back then. A great place with a totally beautiful garden in the back where you easily can spend many many hours just drinking coffee, beer and sit and hang out with good company. Which was just what we did! A huge thank you to Henrik (who traveled with me and took some great pics (which will be linked to asap) and dj’d during the friday), Bastiaan, Ellen, Gibson, Wim, Wouter, Rutger, Simon, Pim and everyone else I forget at the moment. Hope to be back soon!
(A small extra thank you to Marcel at Run2Day for a great talk, great help and nice overall meeting)

Recordings were made, both before and during it all and hopefully something nice will come of it.

And last:

If you’re in Gothenburg tomorrow and feel like going to a punk/hardcore-show my band Blessings will play
at Aktivitetshuset Majorna alongside Redemption Denied from Belgium and Fredag den 13:e from Gbg.
Check it out here.

Here’s some nice words from FUCK YEAH METAL PUNK on Bittervatten too.


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