sound & art by J.G.W

R.I.P It’s A Trap!

Avi and Willow

Avi Roig is a fantastic person.
For 10 years he has kept the amazing alive and reported on all things music-related in scandinavia.
Often, he has been better informed on things I myself have been part of than me, and whenever there has been some news or new band or whatever of relevance to find out about, itsatrap has been where you read it first.

I have also had the privilege to release some music through IAT, and I am very proud to have
done so. Go check it out if you’re interested, who knows how long they will be available still.

So if you’ve ever enjoyed IAT, read it continuously or whatever, please let Avi know
that his hard work has been appreciated, because hard, dedicated work it has truly been.

Thank you Avi!


Not only do I count him as a good friend


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