sound & art by J.G.W

Long audiointerview (in swedish)

Here’s a long (ca 3 hours!) interview with me made by the great repartiseraren. It’s in
swedish and were recorded during several session spanning close to a year I think. It’s a bit old by now, but gives quite a good picture of my whole music…eh, career.

Many “liksom” and “typ”, showcasing my poor swedish but all in all alright. Thanks Jonas for the huge work and patience.


1. Johan G Winther – Töcken (Osläppt)
2. The Silence Set – The Passing (Single Edit)
3. Scraps Of Tape – You And I, A Light A Lie
4. Blessings – Black Vestals
5. Heathers and Hollows – Oblivion Falls
6. Skogar – Peter Uuskyla
7. Tsukimono – Untitled (Osläppt)
8. Johan G Winther – As Above, So Below
9. Fä – Ormen
10. Dag Rosenqvist – The Procession
11. Johan G Winther – Patient Friend
12. Johan G Winther – Evighetstonen


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