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April 2015 update

The last few months I’ve been working on new art and music, recording a new album with my band Blessings and some other stuff. Nothing ready to release yet, but there will be new things coming during the year. Hopefully also one or two exhibitions of my visual work.

Take care, J.

  IMG_2099IMG_2028 IMG_2258IMG_2155


November 2014

Short update. To see more regularly what I’m up to please consider  having a look at my instagram account. I rarely use the computer for social interaction and I’m doing a rather poor job of updating this site. Sorry.

A couple of my newer pieces from this year:


bild 5-1 bild 4-2 bild 2-5 bild 2-4 bild 1-6 bild 3-4 bild 3-3 bild 1-5

Update May 2014

Sorry for the lack of updates here lately. I’ve been busy with other things, mainly playing a lot with various bands but also working towards an exhibition of my visual art later this year.

New album with my band Scraps Of Tape,  “Sjätte Vansinnet”

Some new visual pieces from the last months:


bild 2

bild 1



bild 3


“Patient, Friend” New single!


In February my new LP entitled “Troubled Morrows” sees the light of day on kalligrammofon, but you can already listen to
the track “Patient, Friend” over at soundcloud.

The album was recorded in 2009-2010 and is much lighter in tone than my
latest releases, and revolves around/handles themes of dread, angst and anticipation of amongst other things fatherhood.
Vocals, fingerpicked guitar and acoustic drones…it’s by far the most accessible album I’ve made I think. I hope you like it.


New works from the last months

Here’s a few new works from the last couple of months. Most of these are already sold.

bild-68 "Trismegiste" 2013 untitled 2013 untitled 2013 untitled 2013

Please contact me first if you want to use these pictures somewhere. That goes for all the pictures on this blog. Thank you.



Listen to the A-side of my new tape!

Head on over to Invisible Guy to stream the A-side of my upcoming tape on Beläten.

It’s called “Eating Or Vomiting Its Tail” and is out November 8th on the excellent Beläten label!