sound & art by J.G.W


Head on over to my Tsukimono bandcamp to listen to and purchase several of my releases digitally.

There is also several releases available on Spotify

 or you can listen to a few tracks below, via soundcloud.


“Dear Sister” from the album “Née”

“Gloomy Sunday” from the album “Heart Attack Money”

“Blown Away” from the album “Time Canvas”

“Psaltars” from the album “Imagine The Composer”

“Burntitled” from the album “Great Blood”

“Oh Patti Smith, When Will You Let Me Go” from the album “Gutted String”

“Hat Out Of Bell” from the Cd-r “Please”


Thee Gutted String:

“The Doctor” from “Christmastime In Hagarna”


“I’ve been to town” from “Christmastime In Hagarna”


“White” from “Christmastime In Hagarna”

mod001bild (18)1


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