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Upcoming releases

I’m very pleased to announce one of my upcoming releases.

“Of Use” is a 8″ lathe cut which will be released on the
amazing Brian Records. This release will truly be something special!

From Brian Records:

Wow I can’t believe we’ve made it to our tenth release and what a cracker. Johan has written 5 broken but beautiful tracks. For me these tracks capture the joy and frustration of being in love whilst having a baby. They offer mystifying beauty and shards of sonic terror in equal measure. To messy to be pop, to dirty to be folk, to beautiful to be noise these are not an easy listen but are all the better for it. I have a small handful of records in my collection that resonate with me in this way and I am constantly searching for it, so to be able to release this is something of a pleasure and an honour. I truly hope this record will move you in the same way it moves me. The record is limited to 50 measly copies, and will come on 8” with MP3 provided when ordered.

But that’s not all. This project is about collaborating. Everyone who buys a copy will also be involved in the making process. Inspired by a book I bought about commercially released records with handmade/defaced covers (ref…) I want everyone to design their own sleeve and send it in, responding to the music as they hear it. The sleeve should be a single sheet of A3 double sided which will be folded in the house style. More info will accompany the initial issue of MP3s. I will then shuffle the sleeves and send the final record out in someone else’s sleeve.

The release will also feature a perfect bound full colour A6 book on heavy card collecting all the sleeves in miniature.

But we are not done, oh no. The final release will feature the 5 original tracks on 8” lathe cut record and a bonus CD with the original tracks plus remixes/reinterpretations by Machinefabriek and Clem Leek. I would also like to invite you to submit your own cover/remix/reinterpretation/relocating of the music and the best will also feature on the CD.

If you would like a copy of this amazing release please email me. As numbers are limited (50) please wait for me to confirm your email has been received before paypalling me. Cost is £12 in the UK, £13 in Europe and £14 for the rest of the world and MP3s will be issued on receipt. You then have 2 months to create your sleeve and send it in (originals only please, no scans). I will send out reminder emails as the deadline approaches but I won’t hassle you for your sleeve. If you choose to not send in a sleeve I will create some simple banterish sleeves which will be used instead (with words like lazy, sluggard, slacker etc onJ). You are not required to send in an MP3 but if you would like too brill. If you have never done anything like this before and would like some ideas I would be more than happy to suggest them. When the records finally arrive back from New Zealand I will pack these up and send them out. No guarantee when that will be (typically 3 months but can be more, can be less).

Final thing to note: Due to the nature of the project there will be no spare copies and so if your copy is lost in the post I will sadly not be able to replace it. If you would like it sent special delivery then you will need to pay the extra/above at time of posting. Hope that’s OK.

As you can see, it’s an amazing project and I am extremely excited about it. I hope you are too.
Is it even possible not to be?

Be sure to head on over to Brian records and check out their amazing releases from such great artists as Peter Broderick, Nils Frahm, Machinefabriek, Clem Leek, Gareth Davis and many others.

As a huge fan of D.I.Y/odd/different releases I must say this gets my geek going 100%.
Plus the fact that Jim who runs the label is probably one of the nicest guys I’ve ever met!

So, go check it out and order a copy!