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A review of I Have A Heaven Ending And Weaving Thin Threads Of Darkness From The Light That Was Given” can be found here on fluid-radio, and here on A closer listen.
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I’ve been neglecting to post anything (almost) about mine and Peter Broderick’s split 7″ and I don’t know why,
but here we go, better late than never:


re:create series vol.1

Or: ‘Peter Broderick and Johan G Winther on Johan G Winther and Peter Broderick’.

For Vol.1 in the Re:Create Series we are very happy to introduce an exciting collaboration project to you called Peter Broderick & Johan G Winther on Johan G Winther & Peter Broderick. We can hear the two musicians tenderly performing their songs with violin, guitar and glockenspiel a.o., but most prominent may be their use of a small choir of voices. In their collaboration they never actually play together. Instead their playful project is about creating several kinds of artistic checkpoints arranged as a chain of mirror-like events making them switch roles and perspective with each other back and forth until they suddenly end up right back where they started, figuratively speaking…

Now here’s a description of their project, in their own words:

Peter writes a song about Johan
Johan writes a song about Peter
Two men sing about each other

Peter covers Johan’s song
Johan covers Peter’s song
Two men sing about themselves

Peter takes a photo of his face
Johan takes a photo of his face
Two men make portraits of themselves

Peter draws Johan’s photo
Johan draws Peter’s photo
Two men make portraits of each other

Peter Broderick is a multi-instrumentalist and composer from Portland, Oregon (US) that has released numerous of solo recordings over the past years. He has also worked as a tour and studio musician for various acts like EfterklangShe & Him and M. Ward to name a few.

Johan G Winther resides in Gothenburg, Sweden and seems to always be part of at least ten different projects or bands at the same time, Tenderversion artist Scraps Of Tape being one, and it is a mystery how he can find the time for it. Using the name Tsukimono he has done countless releases but this will be his first one using his own.

I also found this nice review:



This is the first in a series of releases from Tendervision Records where two artists are paired off, each writes a song and the other covers it. As such, on this particular 7” we have four songs…

The aesthetic of the physical releases mirrors the concept of the music therein. The label has made great efforts to make the release a complete experience. Fitting with the concept of recreation, the album covers are made using old 7” covers with text being imprinted right over the top of it, thus each is unique and each is something old made new (think Cotton Goods approach applied to vinyl).

The pairing of Peter Broderick and Johan G. Winther makeup this first release. Peter Broderick pens “Pappa i Sverige” and Johan G. Winther covers it, Winthers writes “Chasing Kingdoms” and Broderick covers it. What’s interesting is how much Broderick and Winther do with the concept of recreation; it’s both simple and ambitious for an introduction to this new series.

All four songs collected here are very strong and both men jump around as far as genre, blending modern classical, folk, and electronic minimalism.

Winther’s guitar work shines on his two contributions, as his playing is both spare and pointed. Delicate electronic flourishes and a whole slew of other instruments serve to accent both his pieces. His cover of “Poppa i Sverige” blends a rich tapestry of instruments and an almost choral approach to the layers of vocals he creates.

As for Broderick, there have been two different sides to his music thus far; there is the singer-songwriter folk works that make up his Bella Union releases and the classical instrumental works such as he has released for Type. Here he takes the classical instrumental aspects of his work but sings over top of it. As such, it feels like a unique entry in his body of work. On his cover of Winther’s “Chasing Kingdoms” we get to hear the two approaches combined as Broderick sings over delicate strings and the song provides one of the highlights of his career thus far.

This is one of those releases that leave you hungry for more. However, as far as four song collections go both Broderick and Winther have combined to create songs rich in depth so that you can listen to them over and over. This is a wonderful collection that serves as an introduction to what has the making of a very promising series.

– Review by Brendan Moore for Fluid Radio

Available through Tendervision


Order your copy from tenderversion before the run out (they’re pretty limited!)
or you can go here to get a digital version of the release.


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