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Heart Attack Money + Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance 7″ Reviews


Monday morning after a weekend out playing with Eight Arms. Awesome shows and awesome people.
Thanks to Meleeh and Suis La Lune, who really are two amazing swedish bands you should check out if you’re into hardcore/screamo.
Especially the new Meleeh-songs sounds just crushing. More darkness than before and in my book, sounds like the best stuff they’ve ever done.
So incredibly psyched about their upcoming album in february.

Now, I’ve gotten a second review of “Heart Attack Money” and it makes the situation even more funny, because this one is a really nice one.
The usually very picky and hard to please Frans De Waard of (amongst other things) Vital Weekly-fame says this:

“One can doubt wether I reviewed all releases by Johan Gustavsson, also known as Tsukimono, but usually I was taken by his music. I associate his music with dark ambient with a strong influence of noise music, but here he takes me by surprise. Eight tracks on this relatively short album, but what a variety of music. There are really mean noisy bits, but also piano pieces and even pop like pieces. The one stand out piece, among an already lot, is ‘Gloomy Sunday’, with guitar playing and a vocal taken from an old 78 rpm (I think). What a lovely piece. But the rest is pretty refined too. This is melancholic music in optima forma.Think Oren Ambarchi, spiced with a bit of noise and a bit of piano. So far his best album, as far as I can see.”

This makes me really happy and now my greatest wish in the world would be a dialogue/article between Frans and Richard (who cut my album down real hard on the Silent Ballet) discussing the album. It would be awesome to see what pro’s and con’s the two could come up with.

All joking aside, it’s nice to see that people think differently and aren’t afraid to express it. All music isn’t for everyone and I’m the last person to quality-check my own stuff. I like everything I’ve done, it has different values and qualities to me but that doesn’t make it all top-notch stuff.
I’m just lucky that I’m not a big artist who gets every second of their life and music dissected and analyzed. I’ve come to understand that most of the people who like what I do are really open-minded and interested people. Interested in change, development, experimentation, finding something new that gets your heart pumping faster or your legs moving again. This is not as much ass-kissing to my listeners as it looks like (well, in a way I guess it is).But I really do mean this…

Also: Frans reviews my upcoming 7″ “Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance”, but I think he lost interest or time halfway through:

“More Tsukimono on a 7″. ‘Gotta Sing’ on the a-side is a heavy beast of improvised guitar music, multi-layered to create an intense sonic overload.”

And that’s all.
Nice to see the review anyways… Now I’m gonna drink some more coffee and prepare my drawings for an upcoming exhibition in Sthlm later this week.

Take care. /j