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April 2015 update

The last few months I’ve been working on new art and music, recording a new album with my band Blessings and some other stuff. Nothing ready to release yet, but there will be new things coming during the year. Hopefully also one or two exhibitions of my visual work.

Take care, J.

  IMG_2099IMG_2028 IMG_2258IMG_2155

The Earliest Morning

“Patient, Friend” New single!


In February my new LP entitled “Troubled Morrows” sees the light of day on kalligrammofon, but you can already listen to
the track “Patient, Friend” over at soundcloud.

The album was recorded in 2009-2010 and is much lighter in tone than my
latest releases, and revolves around/handles themes of dread, angst and anticipation of amongst other things fatherhood.
Vocals, fingerpicked guitar and acoustic drones…it’s by far the most accessible album I’ve made I think. I hope you like it.


New works from the last months

Here’s a few new works from the last couple of months. Most of these are already sold.

bild-68 "Trismegiste" 2013 untitled 2013 untitled 2013 untitled 2013

Please contact me first if you want to use these pictures somewhere. That goes for all the pictures on this blog. Thank you.



impulses and obsessions

hello friends.

Fall is here and with it beautiful walks, endless rain and dreaded premonitions of a slushy, cold
and long swedish winter. Let’s not despair…

(live-setup for trio-gig, October 2012)

There’s a bunch of of stuff in the works right now, I’m slowly getting a few releases together, and hopefully they will
see the light of day within the next few months.

The Dränkstenen 10″ is still delayed but will hopefully be released sometime during the winter/spring on the Vintermusik label. Also coming out here is a 12″ reissue of my friend Peter Brodericks Ten Duets tape.
Don’t sleep on this if you want it, they’re sure to sell quickly!

A 60 min cassette made up of recordings made before and during my trip to Utrecht earlier this year will be released by the great new label Awkward Formats. The title is “I Have A Heaven Ending And Weaving Thin Threads Of Darkness From The Light That Was Given” and it’s made up of various recordings of me playing the violin, piano, pump-organ and various e-bowed string instruments. All of it processed through tape echos, delays and various homebuilt boxes, recorded and re-recorded on to cassette-tapes and then used as the basis for improvised live-mixes with live processing and tone-generator jamming. Really pleased with how this all turned out, both sound-wise and visually.

Here’s a short sample:

Some words on the release from Awkward Formats:
“In “I Have A Heaven Ending And Weaving Thin Threads Of Darkness From The Light That Was Given” slow sad drones built on pump-organ and various strings brighten and dim gradually across an hour-long cassette housed in an engraved wooden box containing a printed note and photographs by Henrik Landén. The sounds were created for and during a weekend of concerts in Utrecht in September 2012.”

Also in the works is a 12″ entitled “Troubled Morrows” which will be released via Kalligrammofon.
This is not part of the same narrative as “Née or Heart Attack Money” but something new.
Artwork is being made by the fantastic Johannes Brander!

Johannes and me also have a duo called Heathers/Hollows and our debut double cassette release
“Staring At The Invisible World” has been delayed and delayed throughout the year but it is
getting really close to an actual release now! Don’t fret, it’ll be here soon!
Sample “Rain Water Poison”, the first track from side C of the release below:

Me and my band Scraps Of Tape are currently working on album #5, and some other goodies
are in the works as well. Keep your eyes open! We’ll also be playing a gig in Copenhagen at BETA
on November 30th, and we’ll be playing a bunch of new stuff mixed in with all the good ol’ hits.

Nice words from various places about the Blessings-tape “Bittervatten”.
It’s selling out so be quick if you haven’t gotten your copy yet.

From The Elementary Revolt:
Blessings is a three piece hardcore, punk, crust band from Sweden who formed early this year.  Blessings feature members of Scraps Of Tape, Anchor, Fä, and the Swedish indie rock band Chester Copperpot.  Blessings play an absolutely punishing style of music that incorporates elements of hardcore, punk, and crust within their sound.  Blittervatten is the band’s debut seven song LP, which features seven songs total lasting a little over the twenty eight minute mark.  Overall, these 7 songs make for a dark, omnious, and downright nasty listen.  I can’t begin to describe how good this album is.  Do yourself a favor, pick up a copy of the cassette, if you live in Europe.  Blessings is a must listen for fans of Martyrdod, Wolf Brigade, Cursed, and Rot In Hell.  Highly recommended!  Enjoy!

From Toxicbreed’s Funhouse:

Blessings are a new project from Sweden with members of Anchor and Scraps Of Tape.  This is one of the most promising debut releases I have heard all year, 7 songs of crusty and dark heavy hardcore. Highly recommended.

From Fuck Yeah Metal Punk:

Sometimes there are albums that you need some time to digest, to fully understand. Sometimes there are albums that click right away and are highly addictive. Blessings’ Bittervatten belongs to the second case. Really, it’s truly amazing. The songwriting is pretty diverse, The vocals are fantastic, and the production is perfect and takes everything to a whole new level of harshness (the guitar sounds like it was processed through sandpaper, giving a nice Noise Rock vibe). As highlights, i would like to point out track 5, with a total Gaahl-era-Gorgoroth worship intro, and track 6, which is, so to speak, something else (it’s more doom-y and the vocal work is one of the best i’ve heard so far).

Don’t sleep on this!

Thanks also to Johannes and the fantastic Peeter Uuskyla who invited me to play a set
with them at Galleri Magnus Winström in Gothenburg during Kulturnatta last friday.
I had a blast!!


photo by Sara Winther

New Release “For Ingar Gustavsson”

Great news!

My new album “For Ingar Gustavsson” is now out via Slaapwel Records.

I am incredibly proud about releasing this album and being a small part of the
the fantastic idea/vision of Wim Maesschalck’s that is Slaapwel.
The hard work and creativity of both Wim and of Tom ten Voorde who made the artwork and layout
has been totally inspiring and astounding to see. Thank you guys so much!

More info here.

From Slaapwel’s website:

For Ingar Gustavsson by Johan G. Winther

I’ve been friends with Johan Gustavsson for a long while now – first through his music as Tsukimono (glitchy noisy drone dreamy electronics stuff that somehow stayed undiscovered by too many people) on labels such as Mechanized Mind and Komplott. Later on I organized some gigs for his instrumental rock band called Scraps of Tape. Some time ago Johan found a battered cd-r with old recordings he made for his grandmother, playing them to a couple of friends (who some of you might know: Nils Frahm & Peter Broderick) – who encouraged him to do something with those beautiful recordings. After some months of thinking and tinkering he finally sent me “For Ingar Gustavsson”. A lengthy album, humble, restrained and precise and with a lot of respect. Imagine Arvo Pärt as a bedroom musician, laptop processing his Für Alina pieces with the same understanding and confidence that he originally composed them. Stretching them out into wise, vast wintry landscapes. Embracing life/eternity like only the elderly can. You never fell asleep so calmly.

CD comes in our traditional Stumptown Arigato Pak + stitched picture, with one-of-a-kind xeroxed/screenprinted artwork by Tom ten Voorde and custom made cd slip case. Click below for pictures.


Also released at the same time is “Sleep Paths” by Seaworthy. Do not miss out on this release!

Here is a nice collage of the releases by Wim:

Take care. jgw.

Dränkstenen/Vanmakten FREE DIGITAL SINGLE! Out now!

The single “Dränkstenen/Vanmakten” from my upcoming 10″ entitled “Dränkstenen” on Vintermusik
is now available as a free download. Go on and get it!

H&M/Liselott Watkins video

I edited one of my old tracks “burntitled” for this Liselott Watkins/H&M video. I worked with/through
the photographer Alexander Dahl with whom I’ve done some work in the past on this. Turned out nice!


Preview the track “Rain Water Poison” from the upcoming 2-cassette Heathers/Hollows release on NativePartsRec.

Heathers/Hollows is me and Johannes Brander (Skogar/CrystalCrypt etc).
Psychedelic shoegaze noise drone bliss mania with inspiration from swedish legends Endless Smile, all things Matthew Bower and Neil Young.

More news soon.

Of Use 8″ Lathe Cut!

Yesterday my 8″ lathe-cut/book/cd-r release “Of Use” on BRIAN RECORDS arrived in the mail and I am stunned with how amazing it turned out! All my deepest gratitude and love goes out
to everyone involved in this project, but especially to James Norman. The genius/curator/owner  of Brian Records. It’s people like James that will keep the world filled with genuinely great music/releases/art forever and ever!! Support!!!!

The beautiful art on the cover of the book (which contains all of the different artwork for the records) were made by the great great Robert Wegner.

Again, thank you James, and thank you to all who bought a copy and made a cover!

Conduo Orchestra

Just found this on Spotify today,
a track called “Referencia” by my old band Conduo Orchestra which I’m still pretty psyched about.
We recorded a bunch of tunes back in 200X (?) and did a gig in Barcelona and then
due to life getting in the way and other more pressing obligations, we couldn’t find the time to do any more.

download referencia here.

There’s also another track on myspace, called “Cicada”.

Have a listen, hope you like it.

…and while we’re on the subject.

I also contributed music to César Pesqueras beautiful movie Passer8 a couple of years ago.
You can watch it in it’s entirety here.

Stephan Mathieu who is one of my favorites, is also on the soundtrack, along with Césars own music.

stämning by Alexander Dahl

This is a short movie entitled “stämning” by the very talented photographer Alexander Dahl, which includes music by me.

The track is “I’ve Got To Go” from Heart Attack Money.

To see more of Alexanders work, please go here.


thank you for listening.


…a healing force…

Albert, your music is a healing force in my universe. thank you.

also, I will perform with scraps of tape at malmöfestivalen on tuesday.

j . g . w

Thee Gutted String – A Ring Of Bone EP

From today my new Thee Gutted String EP “A Ring Of Bone” will be
available at bandcamp.

Thee Gutted String “A Ring Of Bone” EP

1. A Ring Of Bone
2. Grace Your Doorstep
3. Ending With Friend

3 songs recorded during 2010-2011 in Hagarna and Gothenburg.
Thanks to Douglas Holmqvist (piano), Stig and Jörgen Nord (bass & drums).

I hope you are all well. jgw.

Tell Each Other Ghost Stories

The split-release I did in 2009 with the amazing Dwayne Sodahberk, “Tell Each Other Ghost Stories”,

is now available for purchase and download over at my bandcamp-page. Some of my favorite tracks from
the last couple of years are on this, and Dwaynes tracks are absolutely stunning/amazing/genious.

It’s a pretty solid release, so go check it out.


London, St. Giles In The Fields

It was of some surprise then that the first act, Tsukimono, didn’t so much as warm up the venue but effectively set it alight. The peaceful serenity of the church was immediately distorted by an overpowering wave of electronic noise. As some of the crowd adjusted to this contrast by plugging their ears, others looked at their partners uncertain as to what to expect from this opening performance. The unrelenting noise continued to build before a slow light pierced through the fuzz to provide some melodic respite. Once this powerful introduction reached its conclusion, Tsukimono left his analogue dials to step to the front of the stage complete with acoustic guitar in hand. In what was a surprising breakaway from the first track, he was joined by Peter Broderick who gave the audience a teaser of what was to follow by accompanying him for two songs on piano. Essentially a more traditional singer songwriter fare, the church reverted to its more familiar grace of tranquillity before the set was brought to a close in symmetrical fashion thanks to an uncompromising and impenetrable sound fusion which left the venue vibrating from the reverberations.

Here is the review in it’s entirety.

It was a really special evening. Big personal thanks and Hello
to Stefan and Bill. Very nice meeting you guys!

Heart Attack Money review

Wow, this review really made my day. I’m so immensely thankful that you are listening.

Tsukimono – Heart Attack Money (2009)


1. Oh Cannibal

2. Gloomy Sunday 

3. I’ve Got To Go

4. I Am Going

5. Get Gone

6. My Heart Has An Ache, It’s Heavy As A Stone

7. Soymilk Turns To Blood

8. Hands Over A Key

Tsukimono is the ambient project of Swede Johan Gustavsson. With a sound lazy and countless mesmerizing melodies argues that some try to arouse our existential angst. With a piano and guitar by adding a collage of samples, noises and sounds in addition to some occasional white noise walls weaves a song as beautiful as distressing. This was presented as a talented musician who knows exactly what mix they offer all kinds of melodies and textures.

Oh Cannibal Start with a simple piano melody as qualified by the effects of falling water brings us to the perfect mental state for this record, we evades reality and plunges us into a world of tenderness and sadness. Something perfect for when you get your version of the Hungarian suicide song, Gloomy Sunday. With a calm guitar and a wall of white noise light background weaves a melody in which the voice sounds landed what looks like wood warping. The voice and lyrics, heartbreaking contrast with the melody, melancholy, making a perfect whole incitement to suicide had never been so beautiful. In I’ve Got To Go back to the simple melodies with some touches that are defining the noisy song. I Am Going On but landed in a pure noise that pinpoints with great pause and harmony in our eyes for the final saturated in a wall of white noise and all of which will go to less and go out. Get Gone On return to the evocative piano melodies and turn around of applause samplers that simulate rain falling. At least until they reach the few voice notes, and the wall of white noise, this brutal storm, takes over the song while the piano struggle to overcome it. In My Heart Has An Ache, It’s Heavy As A Stone found a nice little piece that is reminiscent of the calmer moments of Boris.Thing that is finished on the immensely sad and simple Blood Turns To Soymilk.To finish Hands Over A Key takes us into a wall of white noise very aggressive already, anymore, can escape.

This album is sublime, beautiful and very well done. Despite its brevity it shows the care and the care that has gone into each and every one of the songs. Thus form a perfect ensemble where not even need to spare a single second where each and every one of the songs feed off the rest. A mammoth song to the human suffering that would delight the Cioran Kierkegaard and more depressed. An absolutely colossal album that I personally am not able to stop listening.

Come and see, please.

found here.

(btw it’s a google-translation so that’s why the grammar is completely weird at times.)


110114…black on black

These prints of two of my drawings will be available in the Ruins Webshop soon.

8 1/2 X 11 Black on Black prints.

Big thanks to the amazing R. Sawyer for this.
Check out his absolutely amazing art and music.


I’ve been neglecting to post anything (almost) about mine and Peter Broderick’s split 7″ and I don’t know why,
but here we go, better late than never:


re:create series vol.1

Or: ‘Peter Broderick and Johan G Winther on Johan G Winther and Peter Broderick’.

For Vol.1 in the Re:Create Series we are very happy to introduce an exciting collaboration project to you called Peter Broderick & Johan G Winther on Johan G Winther & Peter Broderick. We can hear the two musicians tenderly performing their songs with violin, guitar and glockenspiel a.o., but most prominent may be their use of a small choir of voices. In their collaboration they never actually play together. Instead their playful project is about creating several kinds of artistic checkpoints arranged as a chain of mirror-like events making them switch roles and perspective with each other back and forth until they suddenly end up right back where they started, figuratively speaking…

Now here’s a description of their project, in their own words:

Peter writes a song about Johan
Johan writes a song about Peter
Two men sing about each other

Peter covers Johan’s song
Johan covers Peter’s song
Two men sing about themselves

Peter takes a photo of his face
Johan takes a photo of his face
Two men make portraits of themselves

Peter draws Johan’s photo
Johan draws Peter’s photo
Two men make portraits of each other

Peter Broderick is a multi-instrumentalist and composer from Portland, Oregon (US) that has released numerous of solo recordings over the past years. He has also worked as a tour and studio musician for various acts like EfterklangShe & Him and M. Ward to name a few.

Johan G Winther resides in Gothenburg, Sweden and seems to always be part of at least ten different projects or bands at the same time, Tenderversion artist Scraps Of Tape being one, and it is a mystery how he can find the time for it. Using the name Tsukimono he has done countless releases but this will be his first one using his own.

I also found this nice review:



This is the first in a series of releases from Tendervision Records where two artists are paired off, each writes a song and the other covers it. As such, on this particular 7” we have four songs…

The aesthetic of the physical releases mirrors the concept of the music therein. The label has made great efforts to make the release a complete experience. Fitting with the concept of recreation, the album covers are made using old 7” covers with text being imprinted right over the top of it, thus each is unique and each is something old made new (think Cotton Goods approach applied to vinyl).

The pairing of Peter Broderick and Johan G. Winther makeup this first release. Peter Broderick pens “Pappa i Sverige” and Johan G. Winther covers it, Winthers writes “Chasing Kingdoms” and Broderick covers it. What’s interesting is how much Broderick and Winther do with the concept of recreation; it’s both simple and ambitious for an introduction to this new series.

All four songs collected here are very strong and both men jump around as far as genre, blending modern classical, folk, and electronic minimalism.

Winther’s guitar work shines on his two contributions, as his playing is both spare and pointed. Delicate electronic flourishes and a whole slew of other instruments serve to accent both his pieces. His cover of “Poppa i Sverige” blends a rich tapestry of instruments and an almost choral approach to the layers of vocals he creates.

As for Broderick, there have been two different sides to his music thus far; there is the singer-songwriter folk works that make up his Bella Union releases and the classical instrumental works such as he has released for Type. Here he takes the classical instrumental aspects of his work but sings over top of it. As such, it feels like a unique entry in his body of work. On his cover of Winther’s “Chasing Kingdoms” we get to hear the two approaches combined as Broderick sings over delicate strings and the song provides one of the highlights of his career thus far.

This is one of those releases that leave you hungry for more. However, as far as four song collections go both Broderick and Winther have combined to create songs rich in depth so that you can listen to them over and over. This is a wonderful collection that serves as an introduction to what has the making of a very promising series.

– Review by Brendan Moore for Fluid Radio

Available through Tendervision


Order your copy from tenderversion before the run out (they’re pretty limited!)
or you can go here to get a digital version of the release.


Here’s a few reviews from our tour together:

Amazingly Blog
Beard Rock
Mein Zuhause, Mein Blog (In German)

New Release: Field Hollers 2000-2010 Free Mp3 Compilation + more coming

Today is a good day. A “best of…” sort of release of my first 10 years as tsukimono is released via the wonderful It’s A Trap.
The compilation is a free download, so head on over there and get it!
The idea for it all wasn’t mine, but came from my closest friend David C Sjöberg, who always has been a great supporter of mine when it comes to music. Always there to give me good and insightful thoughts and pointers regarding music, art and life in general…a true friend.

I had this idea; my idea was this collection.
This collection presents the music of
Johan Gustavsson made under the Tsukimono moniker. It’s meant to work as a “beginner’s guide” as well as a testament to Tsukimono‘s first 10 years as an artist. I hope you enjoy this free-music as much as I have through the years, and I hope it can inspire you, as a listener, to delve deeper into the vast Tsukimono catalogue. There’s a plethora of greatness to choose from and making selections for this compilation wasn’t an easy task.

Wise men say only fools rush in. Some other wise man (still could’ve been Elvis though) has also said something to the effect of: Writing about music is like dancing about architecture; it’s a very stupid thing to do. And regarding this album, letting the music speak for itself is surely the wisest thing to do.

Finally, just these words about Johan:
I’ve been close to a lot of people in my life, I’ve admired and loved quite a few, but
Johan Gustavsson is the only man I’ve ever truly respected.

// David C Sjöberg – Cultural Theoretician and Conceptual Artist, 2010.

It’s a Trap! is proud to present our latest netrelease: Tsukimono – “Field hollers 2000 – 2010”[IAT.MP3.015]
Curated, compiled and notated by David C Sjöberg, as quoted above, and featuring cover art by the artist himself, Mr. Johan Gustavsson.

I’ve known Johan for a number of years now and am ecstatic to continue my association with him, both as a friend and as a label. As with many artists in the experimental music scene, Tsukimono‘s discography is vast, varied and quite intimidating to the unindoctrinated outsider — this collection serves as a much-welcome introduction to the man and his music. Organized thematically and not by release date, as you will read in David’s superb and extensive liner notes“Field hollers” aims to reduce the difficulty in approaching sometimes difficult music and succeeds beautifully. As much as I’d like to take credit for it, all must go to David and Johan for putting this collection together; I merely serve as the host. Much love to both of them and may we all enjoy the fruits of their labors.

/Avi Roig, It’s A Trap

I will also release a new split 7″ with Peter Broderick in October via the fantastic A Tenderversion Recording and I will also join Peter on a tour in October. I will join Peter onstage and I will also play solo at selected locations.


10/10 – Roepaen, Ottersum (NL)
10/12 – Steinbruch, Duisburg (GER) *
10/13 – Sint Elisabeth Church, Gent (BEL) *
10/14 – Muziekpodium, Bakkeveen (NL)
10/15 – Ko d’oooor, Middelburg (NL)
10/16 – St Giles, London (UK) *
10/18 – St Mary Church, Brighton (UK) *
10/19 – Academy, Manchester (UK) *
10/20 – Pavillion, Cork (EIR) *
10/21 – Harmonic Series @ Workman’s Club, Dublin (EIR) *
10/22 – Cube, Bristol (UK) *
10/23 – South Street Arts Centre, Reading (UK) *
10/24 – Supersonic Festival, Brimingham (UK)
10/25 – tba, Arras (FRA)
10/26 – tba, Paris (FRA)
10/28 – Treibhaus, Luzern (CH)
10/30 – Schauburg, Dresden (GER)
10/31 – Haus 73 (Saal), Hamburg (GER)
(* includes tsukimono solo-shows)

More soon, take care friends.

children of the horn

I need to get a scanner…

the bear quartet – monty python preview tracks
black breath – heavy breathing
baroness – the red album
the bear quartet – monty python preview tracks
r. sawyer – s/t
v. sjöberg – on a winters day
bloodhammer – the passion of the devil
the bear quartet – everything else they released