sound & art by J.G.W


Field Hollers: A JGW-discography maintained by the great Matt Ievers.



Tsukimono – One Million Birds In The Sky (cd-r release on garmonbozia productions)

Tsukimono – Erie Railroad Near Port Lewis.(mp3-release on
Tsukimono – The back is a collection of busted static (mp3-release on
Tsukimono – Sketches 6 – 27 (cdr-release on Mechanized Mind)
Tsukimono – Your Son-shine (self-released cd-r limited to 100 copies, all with individual coverdrawings by JGW)

Mnoki – Nightshifts (mp3-release on

Tsukimono – Punked Up Fuck Attitude (track on the iDEAL Electronics compilation on iDEAL Recordings)

Tsukimono – What note, whos note? (cd-r release on Heyyoufuckingman!, all handmade covers)

Mnoki – Trees In Movement (mp3-release on

Tsukimono – With Corpse Paint On (track on the send/re : compilation on Robotriot)

Tsukimono – Heart & Strings (selfreleased cd-r , this far 10 copies on 10 different Oil-canvases by JGW)

Tsukimono – Small Is Beautiful(For E.F. Schumacher) (Track on Rojo.Taschan.Nosordo compilation)


Tsukimono – Two heartbeats slower than one/Two hearts beats slower than one (3″ Gallery Edition on Kning Disk 2006 limited edition of 8 )
Tsukimono – What note, whos note? (cd-r rerelease on w/ 1 bonustrack)
Tsukimono – Née (Fullength cd on kalligrammofon)
Tsukimono – Études (mp3 ep on Komplott)

Tsukimono – Simple Sentences But Difficult Words (track on Tribute To John Peel Tribute5)
Tsukimono – Gloomy Sunday ( track on Famous For 15 Mb website )
Tsukimono – Sing It To Me, Sing It Like You Sang It To Me (track on summer gate.sun made of gave compilation on Luvsound)

Tsukimono – Please (Selfreleased cd-r limited to 50 Copies)
Tsukimono – Time Canvas (Fullength cdr on Kning Disk)
Tsukimono – Van Venue Hotel (mp3 ep on It’s A Trap)
Tsukimono – Bat Heads Roll (cassette on release the bats)
Tsukimono – Imagine The Composer (cd-r/poster Hockey Rawk)
Tsukimono – Red Red Wine (Boxset of Wineglass, Wine, Essay and 3″ cdr on Structures Sonores)

Tsukimono – Last Years Ghosts (track on Echoed compilation on Flau)
Tsukimono – Smoke Sings (track on Hockey Rawk noise cassette compilation)
Tsukimono – Svartare Av Kärlek (track on Chez-Kito-Kat compilation)
Tsukimono – Mikrophonie (Differnet-remix on a limited 3″ released by Differnet)
Tsukimono – Stofsuk (Machinefabriek-remix available online ) Tsukimono – Something (Mixtapes & Cellmates remix available online)
Tsukimono – Oh Patti Smith, When Will You Let Me Go? ( The Silent Ballet Compilation available online.)

Tsukimono – Gutted String (cd-r on psychic malmö)
Tsukimono – Speaking About Punk Rock (business-cd-r + fanzine on Elefantkvinnan Editions)
Tsukimono – Great Blood (HWEM)

Tsukimono – Moan Jar ( on “gothenburg 08” compilation on Fang Bomb)
Tsukimono – Voice Worn Path ( track on “Lara Revisited” compilation on Luvsound)
Tsukimono – Transformation ( track on “Transformationer Av Transformationer Av Bertold Brecht” compilation on Storno Förlag)

Tsukimono – Time Canvas (2×12″ lp on Release The Bats) 2009
Tsukimono – Heart Attack Money (Fullength cd on kalligrammofon)
Tsukimono – Gotta Sing, Gotta Dance!! ( 7″ on kalligrammofon/ladygodivaoperations )
Tsukimono – Tell Each Other Ghost Stories (Split w/ Dwayne Sodahberk on stuporsonika)
Thee Gutted String – Christmastime in Hagarna (3 track digital download on bandcamp)

Tsukimono – Mimilalanono and A Little Heart Explodes (2 tracks on a compilation on Great Northern Recordings)
Tsukimono – XXXX (4-way Split w/ METEK/soma/nryy on Silent Novels Rec.)

Tsukimono – Field Hollers 2000-2010 (mp-3 compilation on It’s A Trap)
Johan G. Winther – Peter Broderick and Johan G. Winther on Johan G. Winther and Peter Broderick  (7″ split w/ Peter Broderick on A Tenderversion Recordings)

 Scraps Of Tape – Resident Flux (CD + Book on A Tenderversion Recording/The Noble Beast Of Malmö)
Scraps Of Tape And Mattias Alkberg – Flera Meter Kort (7″ on A TenderVersion Recording/The Noble Beast Of Malmö)
Thee Gutted String – A Ring Of Bone (3 track digital download on Bandcamp)
Scraps Of Tape – Tour EP (Cdr+Poster limited to 200 copies. Given away to the first 50 people at 4 shows in Germany during a fall tour.)

The Silence Set – So Will Everything We Love (track on Kanshin Compilation on luid Audio/Hibernate Recordings)

Verfver – Animi/Animus (CS30 on Native Parts Rec.)
Johan G Winther – Of Use (8″ lathe cut + book/cdr on Brian Records. 50 copies each with individual covers drawn by the buyers, then traded for another cover.)
Blessings – Bittervatten (CS on Serene Records/Dålig Stämning)

Blessings – Black Vestals (T-shirt + digital dowload selfreleased)
Johan G Winther – Dränkstenen/Vanmakten (Free digital download on Vintermusik)
Johan G Winther – For Ingar Gustavsson (Cd on Slaapwel Records)
Johan G Winther – I Have A Heaven Ending And Weaving Thin Threads Of Darkness From The Light That Was Given (52 copies of a CS60 in an engraved box with various inserts on Awkward Formats)

Heathers/Hollows – Staring At The Invisible World (2xCS On Native Parts Rec)



Scraps Of Tape – Resident Flux (LP on A Tenderversion Recording/The Noble Beast Of Malmö)
Johan G Winther – The Rupturing Sowle (cassette, t-shirt, pins, print on Zeon Light Kassett)



The Silence Set – Teeth Out (???)
Johan G Winther – Eating Or Vomiting It’s Own Tail/The Will To Burn (Cassette on Beläten)
Johan G Winther – Troubled Morrows (12″ on Kalligrammofon)


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