sound & art by J.G.W

May update


DSC03355At the moment things feel like they are a bit slow actually, I think they’re not…not sure really. Spending some time by the sea, it feels good.

I’m mainly working on some collaborations at the moment.

A new as-yet-untitled band/project with the wonderful Dag Rosenqvist/Jasper TX. These things are sounding really nice. We have a nice thing going, with me being more into just recording tons of different stuff all at once and Dag rearranging and re-assembling everything into something understandable.

A new band called Crowned With Horns which features members of Dead Letters Spell Out Dead Words, Dead Vows, The Smackdown, Repoman and me. Heavier and dirtier than most stuff I’ve done. 

A split-release with the amazing Dwayne Sodahberk. The stuff he’s sent me for this is ridiculous…it’ll be awesome!

There is also a few more scraps of tape-tours coming up, Europe, Japan and Europe again and also perhaps some other tsuki/jgw-work…we’ll see.

take care.


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