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October 2016

You can now listen to two tracks from my latest tape “Genom Tre Namn” on soundcloud.



I will also perform live in Gothenburg on October 13 at Oceanen, opening for Marisa Anderson.

February 2016 Update

cropped-12065504_10153033053577583_6014288102739239975_n.jpgNext weekend we’re heading into the studio to start mixing the new BLESSINGS album.

We’ve been hard at work on this for about 2 years now (writing/recording) and it’s finally starting to look like we envisioned it. Can’t wait to share this with the world when it’s done.

We’ve grown a lot since our first release “Bittervatten” and focused our efforts to shape something that might strike outsiders as pretty different from “Bittervatten”, but to us this is the natural progression of our ideas and sounds. Excited to get it done as I mentioned above.

I’m also finishing up few new solo-releases, some quite old and some are brand new material.
More on these when I get to it.

We’re working on the 6th Scraps of Tape album as well. Hoping to get a recording done before July this year. Excited about the new material which I personally feel are a step or two closer back to our first two records, but who knows? Still a while before we’re done. But exciting as ever to write music with my family in Scraps.

Drawing and painting regularly, continuing a few series I’ve been working on these last few years, as well as some brand new ideas. Will post more when I get something finished.

Hope all is well.


IMG_4353 IMG_5030


“Fixations” Minidisc release

Johan G Winther – “Fixations” (Brian 23)

A 6-track MiniDisc release of music recorded on a Modular Eurorack system
released via the great Brian Records from the UK. Limited to 20 pieces.


Long audiointerview (in swedish)

Here’s a long (ca 3 hours!) interview with me made by the great repartiseraren. It’s in
swedish and were recorded during several session spanning close to a year I think. It’s a bit old by now, but gives quite a good picture of my whole music…eh, career.

Many “liksom” and “typ”, showcasing my poor swedish but all in all alright. Thanks Jonas for the huge work and patience.


1. Johan G Winther – Töcken (Osläppt)
2. The Silence Set – The Passing (Single Edit)
3. Scraps Of Tape – You And I, A Light A Lie
4. Blessings – Black Vestals
5. Heathers and Hollows – Oblivion Falls
6. Skogar – Peter Uuskyla
7. Tsukimono – Untitled (Osläppt)
8. Johan G Winther – As Above, So Below
9. Fä – Ormen
10. Dag Rosenqvist – The Procession
11. Johan G Winther – Patient Friend
12. Johan G Winther – Evighetstonen


update nov/december 2015


I could write an apology for updating this site to seldom, and also promise to do so much more in the future but I don’t think any of that would change anything for the better, so here’s a quick update about what’s going on.

I’ll try to remember as much as possible.

I’ve released a solo-tape and a split-tape via Funeral Fog Records, gone on a 15 years-anniversary tour with Scraps Of Tape, worked on the new Blessings-album, released “Teeth Out” with The Silence Set , drawn a lot of pictures, recorded hours upon hours of sounds and a bunch more. There are releases coming up, a couple of them.

Tomorrow I’ll play at Tyred Eyes releaseparty at Folk in Gothenburg, and next week I’m exhibiting some art at Llama Lloyd, also in Gothenburg.

Contact me at timecanvas(a)

“Self Portraits” Exhibition/soundinstallation at ljudkonstgalleriet, Gothenburg 24/10 2015


(photo by J. M. Elwing)

The Silence Set “Worry, Glory”

Hey friends!

First update in a while. Sorry.

We’ve released the first teaser from our upcoming album “Teeth Out” with The Silence Set, the project I have with my friend Dag Rosenqvist. You can hear the track “Worry, Glory” here.

It features Heather Woods Broderick and Nils Frahm as well. Thank you guys for your awesome contributions!

April 2015 update

The last few months I’ve been working on new art and music, recording a new album with my band Blessings and some other stuff. Nothing ready to release yet, but there will be new things coming during the year. Hopefully also one or two exhibitions of my visual work.

Take care, J.

  IMG_2099IMG_2028 IMG_2258IMG_2155

November 2014

Short update. To see more regularly what I’m up to please consider  having a look at my instagram account. I rarely use the computer for social interaction and I’m doing a rather poor job of updating this site. Sorry.

A couple of my newer pieces from this year:


bild 5-1 bild 4-2 bild 2-5 bild 2-4 bild 1-6 bild 3-4 bild 3-3 bild 1-5

Update May 2014

Sorry for the lack of updates here lately. I’ve been busy with other things, mainly playing a lot with various bands but also working towards an exhibition of my visual art later this year.

New album with my band Scraps Of Tape,  “Sjätte Vansinnet”

Some new visual pieces from the last months:


bild 2

bild 1



bild 3


The Earliest Morning

“Patient, Friend” New single!


In February my new LP entitled “Troubled Morrows” sees the light of day on kalligrammofon, but you can already listen to
the track “Patient, Friend” over at soundcloud.

The album was recorded in 2009-2010 and is much lighter in tone than my
latest releases, and revolves around/handles themes of dread, angst and anticipation of amongst other things fatherhood.
Vocals, fingerpicked guitar and acoustic drones…it’s by far the most accessible album I’ve made I think. I hope you like it.


New works from the last months

Here’s a few new works from the last couple of months. Most of these are already sold.

bild-68 "Trismegiste" 2013 untitled 2013 untitled 2013 untitled 2013

Please contact me first if you want to use these pictures somewhere. That goes for all the pictures on this blog. Thank you.



Listen to the A-side of my new tape!

Head on over to Invisible Guy to stream the A-side of my upcoming tape on Beläten.

It’s called “Eating Or Vomiting Its Tail” and is out November 8th on the excellent Beläten label!


New albums added to bandcamp


You can now buy (name your price) digital versions of “The Rupturing Sowle” , “I Have A Heaven Ending And Weaving Thin Threads Of Darkness From The Light That Was Given” and “Time Canvas” on my bandcamp.

this-is-not-gwyneth-paltrows-head the-rupturing-sowle



New art

Untitled (2013) Temple Of Perfect Imperfection IV (2013) Heavy Lies The Crown I (2013) Eneagramme (2013)

Temple of Perfect Imperfection II

Temple of Perfect Imperfection II

Untitled (2013)

Lately I’ve been working on a new series of drawings/paintings, working with white/gold/silver/bronze on black paper.
Here’s a few of the pieces I’ve been working on. Most of these measure 32×45 cm. Thanks for looking.

diamond skull





Interview & Mixtape

Head on over to the fantastic blog Invisible Guy to read a loooong interview with me and check out the accompaying

“mix tape” of various tracks from all over my discography, both solo and with various projects.


Take care of yourselves and each other.

The Rupturing Sowle Out Now!

Out now! Get it here

“Elementals Manifests” New print available!

You can now order a professional digital print of my drawing
“Elementals Manifests” over at my Big Cartel-page.


It measures 25×35 cm and is printed on 280 g paper.
All copies are hand-numbered and signed by me.

Go here to order.

I hope you are well.

As Above, So Below

Hey friends.


Either Head on over to Invisible Guy or hit play below to stream the track
“As Above, So Below”  from my upcoming Zeon Light Kassett-release
“The Rupturing Sowle”.

Some words on the release from Zeon Light:

Redan när Zeon Light tog sin form fanns Johan G Winther på vår önskelista. Länge hade hans Tsukimono varit en favorit för oss. Vi tog kontakt. Tycke uppstod. Tsukimono är dock numera vilande. Men Johan G Winther lever.

“As Above, So Below” är ett första smakprov från Johan G Winthers kommande kassett The Rupturing Sowle (zeon light 036) på vilken Johan fortsätter utveckla och förändra sitt uttryck.

The Rupturing Sowle bjuder på ett brett spektra av ljud och i grunden finns en typ av mörkare folk som vi inte riktigt hört Johan skapa tidigare. En cello är lika viktig som en drone. En banjo känns lika befriande som en noiseton.

En ny del av Johans ljudvärld är en rytm och en närvaro av pådrivande percussion som ger en ny dimension och framåtrörelse åt musiken på några av spåren.

Konceptet och majoriteten av musiken på The Rupturing Sowle växte fram och spelades in en stuga mitt i skogen någonstans i Sverige under 2012, och senare gav den fantastiska Emelie Molin (Mire Kay, Audrey) musiken extra djup och skönhet med sitt fantastiska cello-spel.

Om man är bekant med Johan G Winthers diskografi med alla hans olika projekt och grupper sen innan, kommer man känna igen delar av lite allt möjligt på The Rupturing Sowle, som också är det första av flera släpp som är planerade under 2013.

Albumet har sin release 130427 och kommer att släppas som kassett (inkl digitalt) och dessutom i en strikt numrerad upplaga med kassett, tröja, poster, badge.

All sounds & arrangements by Johan G Winther

Cello by Emelie Molin

Mastered by David Zackrisson

All artwork by JGW

Layout by Nullvoid

2 Prints available for sale now.


Go here to buy a digital print of one or both of my drawings “Death is not the end” and “The Cleansing”.

"Death is not the end"64x45 cm professional digital print

“Death is not the end”
64×45 cm professional digital print

"The Cleansing"64x45 cm professional digital print

“The Cleansing”
64×45 cm professional digital print

If you do not have paypal, just email me at timecanvas (at) gmail (dot com
and we’ll sort it out.

J.G.W Big Cartel Store


light reading

A review of I Have A Heaven Ending And Weaving Thin Threads Of Darkness From The Light That Was Given” can be found here on fluid-radio, and here on A closer listen.
Thanks for the attention.



Happy New Year

Happy New Year everyone.
Here’s a little track to celebrate the past and the coming year.

Live on, be jolly…a place in hell is hard to earn these days.


Happy new year everyone.