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October 2016

You can now listen to two tracks from my latest tape “Genom Tre Namn” on soundcloud.



I will also perform live in Gothenburg on October 13 at Oceanen, opening for Marisa Anderson.


February 2016 Update

cropped-12065504_10153033053577583_6014288102739239975_n.jpgNext weekend we’re heading into the studio to start mixing the new BLESSINGS album.

We’ve been hard at work on this for about 2 years now (writing/recording) and it’s finally starting to look like we envisioned it. Can’t wait to share this with the world when it’s done.

We’ve grown a lot since our first release “Bittervatten” and focused our efforts to shape something that might strike outsiders as pretty different from “Bittervatten”, but to us this is the natural progression of our ideas and sounds. Excited to get it done as I mentioned above.

I’m also finishing up few new solo-releases, some quite old and some are brand new material.
More on these when I get to it.

We’re working on the 6th Scraps of Tape album as well. Hoping to get a recording done before July this year. Excited about the new material which I personally feel are a step or two closer back to our first two records, but who knows? Still a while before we’re done. But exciting as ever to write music with my family in Scraps.

Drawing and painting regularly, continuing a few series I’ve been working on these last few years, as well as some brand new ideas. Will post more when I get something finished.

Hope all is well.


IMG_4353 IMG_5030


“Fixations” Minidisc release

Johan G Winther – “Fixations” (Brian 23)

A 6-track MiniDisc release of music recorded on a Modular Eurorack system
released via the great Brian Records from the UK. Limited to 20 pieces.


Long audiointerview (in swedish)

Here’s a long (ca 3 hours!) interview with me made by the great repartiseraren. It’s in
swedish and were recorded during several session spanning close to a year I think. It’s a bit old by now, but gives quite a good picture of my whole music…eh, career.

Many “liksom” and “typ”, showcasing my poor swedish but all in all alright. Thanks Jonas for the huge work and patience.


1. Johan G Winther – Töcken (Osläppt)
2. The Silence Set – The Passing (Single Edit)
3. Scraps Of Tape – You And I, A Light A Lie
4. Blessings – Black Vestals
5. Heathers and Hollows – Oblivion Falls
6. Skogar – Peter Uuskyla
7. Tsukimono – Untitled (Osläppt)
8. Johan G Winther – As Above, So Below
9. Fä – Ormen
10. Dag Rosenqvist – The Procession
11. Johan G Winther – Patient Friend
12. Johan G Winther – Evighetstonen


update nov/december 2015


I could write an apology for updating this site to seldom, and also promise to do so much more in the future but I don’t think any of that would change anything for the better, so here’s a quick update about what’s going on.

I’ll try to remember as much as possible.

I’ve released a solo-tape and a split-tape via Funeral Fog Records, gone on a 15 years-anniversary tour with Scraps Of Tape, worked on the new Blessings-album, released “Teeth Out” with The Silence Set , drawn a lot of pictures, recorded hours upon hours of sounds and a bunch more. There are releases coming up, a couple of them.

Tomorrow I’ll play at Tyred Eyes releaseparty at Folk in Gothenburg, and next week I’m exhibiting some art at Llama Lloyd, also in Gothenburg.

Contact me at timecanvas(a)

“Self Portraits” Exhibition/soundinstallation at ljudkonstgalleriet, Gothenburg 24/10 2015


(photo by J. M. Elwing)

The Silence Set “Worry, Glory”

Hey friends!

First update in a while. Sorry.

We’ve released the first teaser from our upcoming album “Teeth Out” with The Silence Set, the project I have with my friend Dag Rosenqvist. You can hear the track “Worry, Glory” here.

It features Heather Woods Broderick and Nils Frahm as well. Thank you guys for your awesome contributions!