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“Mimilalanono” for free download at It’s A Trap

Head on over to It’s a trap and download my track “Mimilalanono” for free!


It’s a fact: the Great Northern Recordings compilation series does an amazing job of exploring new and exciting sounds coming out of the Swedish underground and the latest edition (#4) is no exception. Even better, more established names (such as Tape or Erik Enocksson, here performing as Lakes of Grass and Gold) are paired with up-and-comers likeThe Magic State and my friend (and IAT.MP3 artist) Johan Gustavsson aka Tsukimono. Artists at the top of their game test their mettle with ones who have a lot more to prove — it’s a great concept and one that’s executed flawlessly, especially with the sublime black-on-black packaging that adorns this new volume. It’s also a perfect door-opener for anyone new to the scene because a lot of these artists are extremely prolific, yet here anyone can dive in confidently knowing that the material will be Class A across the board. I love Johan dearly, I really do, but I think that even he would admit that some of his output is inconsistent, so let me demonstrate a sample of him at his best by offering one of his two (both excellent) contributions. I do this for two reasons; first, because I really do love this piece and second, it’s just as worthy of listening as the other, “bigger” names. Tsukimono has played around with many audio sources over the years, from the found-sound clatter of “Van Venue Hotel” to the stretched-out strings of “Time canvas”, but I have always been drawn to his guitar works as far back as when I first heard “Née”. Of course, the instrument only serves as a base starting point here on “Mimilalanono”; much of the canvas is composed of shrapnel derived from the original source, reflected back onto itself until it becomes something new, shimmery and more bell-like than string. It’s not just repetitious minimalism though, there is subtle dramatic structure as the piece slowly evolves and then returns back towards where it came. Johan told me he is not so fond of the title, but he should be proud of how it came out.

MP3: Tsukimono – Mimilalanono

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Tuesday, October 13th, 2009 13:33:44


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